Nasz zakład powroźniczy to rodzinna firma z wieloletnimi tradycjami, prowadzona z dziada pradziada od ponad 200 lat, po dzień dzisiejszy.
Została założona przez rodzinę Czarnieckich w 1956 roku, a w obecnej formie funkcjonuje od 2006 roku.

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About us

A few words about our company

Czarnieccy liny

Our rope-making company is a family business with over 200 years of tradition inherited by subsequent generations. It was established by the Czarniecki family in 1956 and it has been operating in the current profile since 2006. We are a recognized manufacturer of all types of rope products, lines and strings. We provide products for utility and constructional purposes as well as special lines for the sailing and tourism industries. We sell high-end constructional lines, sailing ropes and PCV coated lines and strings. In production of lines and ropes we use advanced machines from Poland and Germany. In order to provide the highest quality of our products we hire skilled specialists and train them regularly. Beside traditional braided, jute and cotton ropes, we also offer such products like welt and gardening strings.

Czarnieccy liny

Quality and experience

Multiple years of experience and high quality products are the advantages of our company We encourage you to start continuous cooperation with our company. We can offer attractive discounts for the entire scope of our products. SThe business philosophy of our company is based on providing our customers with high quality products at possibly low prices. We take an individual-based approach to each transactions, trying to work out the model of cooperation that satisfies our customer. Our goal is to establish long-term cooperation in order you could achieve the largest possible benefits. We look forward to cooperating with you!