Nasz zakład powroźniczy to rodzinna firma z wieloletnimi tradycjami, prowadzona z dziada pradziada od ponad 200 lat, po dzień dzisiejszy.
Została założona przez rodzinę Czarnieckich w 1956 roku, a w obecnej formie funkcjonuje od 2006 roku.

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Coated strings and cords

Coloured clothes strings coated with PPF with non-expanded core (polypropylene silk)

Properties: does not absorb water, weather-proof, easily cleaned

Application: in households in ladies’ clothing, reeled on spools (10, 15 and 20 meters)

PCV coated braided cord

PPF braided core coated with plastics, non-expanded

Properties: weather-proof, easily cleaned

Application: in households in ladies’ clothing

Reeled on spools (20 meters)

Entwined ropes and lines

PP clothes entwined ropes and lines, 2-3 string

Application: in households

In clothing (15, 20 and 25 meters) or reeled on spools

Coated steel cords

Steel cords coated with plastics

Properties: durability up to 60 -120 kg, weather-proof, easily cleaned

Application: in households

In clothing (10, 15, 20, 30, 40 meters, can be reeled on spools)


Braided rope made of propylene silk

Application: households

Colour : white

In clothing, 20 meters, diameters of 3 and 5 mm

Cotton cords

Braided cotton cords made of cotton in natural colour

Haberdashery strings

Crochet’ braided strings of less durability with braided core, 12 braids

Variety of colours, made of PP silk, used in clothing or reeled on spools.

Dryers strings

Strings made of PP silk

In clothing (15, 20 and 42 meters).

Blind string

String made of PPF

Clothing, 15 meters

Clothes braided string

Made of braided utility string

Application: households

Clothing, 15 and 20 meters, diameters of 3 and 4 mm

Gardening rope

PP 1000 tex rope, non-biodegradable

Application: in gardens, to tie plants, in households, growing vegetables and flowers, brick-layering, constructional works

In reels weighing 100 g / 100 mb, 250 g / 240 mb and 400 g / 380 mb

Jute string

Natural jute string made of corchorus


Application: in horticulture, to tie plants, as decoration

In reels weighing 100 g / 40 mb, 250 g / 100-120 mb, 500 g / 200-220 mb

Sisal string

Biodegradable 1820 tex sisal string made of agave

Application: in horticulture, as decoration, scrapers

In reels (100 and 250 meters)

Packing jute string

Biodegradable jute string made of corchorus

Application: for packing, in horticulture, as decoration

Clothing, 15 meters

Lunch meat linen threads

Strings made of linen.

Application: lunch meats, for decoration.

Colours: natural / gray or white, in reels (100 g / 130 meters)

Lunch meat linen yarn

Natural / gray or whitened (cotton linen).

In reels (100g / 70 meters)


Linen non-processed thread, lustered / waxed, 100 % of linen

Application: : lunch meats, households, purse making

Colour : natural gray, in reels (100 g / 140mb)

Braided brick string

rick entwined string reeled on spools or racks, made of PP silk.

Application: in constructional works, bricklaying

Yellow and red colours, clothing (50, 100 meters)

Braided brick cord

String braided of utility cord, reeled on racks

Application:in constructional works

Clothing (50 and 100 mb)

Entwined yute strings

Strings made of yute yarn

Application: in households, constructional works, for decoration, to seal houses

Diameters of 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 meters, clothing (20 meters)

Other diameters and lengths available on demand


Yute 3- and 4-string ropes

Application: in calving, transport of animals, in scaffoldings

Length of 2, 3, 5 meters, diameters of 8 and 10 mm

Multifilament strings

Braided strings with a polypropylene braided core, braiding made of polypropylene silk, variety of colours, 16 braids, do not absorb water

Application: sailing, constructional works, water sports, tourism, docking lines, horticulture, decorations

Reeled on spools, diameters from 2 to 20 mm

PA06 starter lines

Braided lines made of polyamide (PA6)

Application: for manual starting of combustion engines (motorboats, mowers, petrol chainsaws)

Reeled on spools, diameters of 3, 3.6, 4 and 5 mm

Expander strings

Strings are resistant to crushing, twisting, they have smooth braiding and do not shrink in water

With a latex (70%) core and polypropylene silk (30%) braid

Water absorption 0%

Expansion up to 100%

Reeled on spools, diameters of 6, 8 and 10 mm


Tape of soft PVC, ended with a so called ‘head’, provides stability of seams

Application: backpacks, bags, door upholstery, furniture upholstery, used for decoration and to strengthen seams and joints in materials used in purse making

In reels (about 20k)